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Curtains at Speerstra Interiors


When you are choosing curtains for your windows, you need to consider a number of factors if you are to achieve the most effective result, one that will add to the comfort of your room and give it a distinctive style.

Curtains come in many styles and can be selected to suit the particular room in which they will hang. Choose formal styles for a lounge or dining room, more relaxed types for the kitchen and family room. Over all, you will want the curtain that will be most useful and will look best in your room. It is important to decide weather you will need to open and close the curtain. If so, be sure to choose a heading that can be drawn back easily.

Linings improve most curtains. The curtains hang better and the lining protects the curtain fabric from fading and damage caused by uv and condensation. Linings help to keep out noise, serve as insulation from summer heat and winter cold and give the outside of the home a move uniform appearance.

Sheer curtaining is one of the best choices for lightening up a room where you need some sun control but don’t want to block out the light altogether. Teamed with a neat blind it’s one of the freshest looks around. When the most significant feature of a room is the magnificent view, you need a really sophisticated solution to the problem of light control without spoiling the outlook. A special metallised fabric keeps the bright sunlight out and maintains a comfortable indoor temperature.

Sliding Windows and Doors: These may open from the centre so they do not block the breezeway.

Outward opening windows: These can usually be treated as Inward Opening windows. Curtains for these windows should not interfere with the opening of the window. Either the track should extend far enough beyond the window to accommodate the curtains, or sash curtains can be used.

Sash Windows: This has two sashes that move up and down to open and close. It is the easiest window to dress as most curtain styles can be used with it.

Corner Window: These windows are designed to allow maximum light into the room. You may need curtains to provide privacy (lined curtains are the most appropriate) but you should be able to pull them back to the sides or pull them into the corner.

Bay Windows: The three parts of a bay window may be dressed as a whole but it is usually easier to dress them separately.

Picture Windows: This is a large window and you should choose curtains that can be pulled right back to take full advantage of the views.

French Doors: These doors may open in or out. Fixed curtains that move with the doors are most suitable.

Considerations: The following factors should be taken into consideration –

Scale & Proportion
Line & Direction

Hardware: Componantry for curtains are –


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