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Decorating at Speerstra Interiors

Achieve that ‘Million Dollar’ Look at a fraction of the cost with one of Speerstra’s new Home Makeover Plans

Experience huge savings and add thousands to the value of your home or investment property with one of our popular Home Makeover Plans. Whether you choose to do one room at a time or a complete Home Makeover, we can show you options that will help you express your personality without breaking the bank. Style need not be expensive. We have over 27 years of local Home Decorating expertise and guarantee quality, flair and affordable decorating solutions you can be proud of for a long time.

The right window treatment is an amazingly strong design element throughout the home, from the utilitarian needs of kitchens and bathrooms through to the areas where your aesthetics are really important: formal sitting roams, dining rooms, family rooms and ofcourse, bedrooms.

When you’re looking for effect on a grand scale, a generous abundance of fabric in a window treatment is a fabulous way to start. Double drapes create an aura of pure luxury, which is ideal for a large room with one of more big windows and high ceilings.

At Speerstra we have consultation packages from as little as $100.